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Manufacturing - CBC Group
CBC Group offers manufactuing solution for injection molding, vacuum metalizing, rapid prototyping, mold making and magnesium die casting.

Vacuum Metalizing
CBC INGS offers surface-coated plastic parts such as automotive, video cameras & electronics products application
with high quality surface coating technology.

- Vacuum Metalizing(Non-Conductive Vacuum Deposition)
- UV painting
- Plastic Injection Molding
- EMI(Electro Magnetic Interference ) shielding.
Rapid Prototyping
CBC Forma provides "Rapid Prototyping " services for automotive components and consumer products by state of the art technologies of SLA and SLS.

SLS(Selective Laser Sintering) :
SLS rapid prototyping process uses the heat of a laser to materials in an additive layer fashion.
The SLS process has arguably the widest range of engineering-grade rapid prototyping materials available
in the rapid prototyping industry. Raw Material : Nylon

SLA produces 3D rapid prototype parts a layer at a time by using the laser to trace the cross information of
3D CAD data onto the surface of a container of liquid photopolymer. Raw Material : Epoxy

Vacuum Casting :

Vacuum casting is the most suitable way for developing complexity model. Product can be compounded
with general materials like PP, ABS, polyurethane, rubber and pellucid material.
<Raw Material> silicone(master model), urethane.
CBC AB Precision offers mold-making for plasting injection.
Magnesium Die Casting
CBC offers magnesium die casting products for automotive, motorcycle, computer and mobile phone application.

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