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Food & Packaging
Food :
CBC has been exporting food and fruits from Thailand including tomato paste, aloe vera, natade coco, pineapple, coffee bean and canned seafood.
We also provide seasoning and flavour with Instant noodle, snack, soup, sauce, ham, sausage application.
Products Information: Food & Fruits
* Aloe * Aloe dice * Natadecoco * Natadecoco dice * Pineapple * Tomato paste * Tomato dice * Tomato concentration
* Sweet corn * kernel corn * Cream corn * Frozen durian * Coffee bean * Pepper * Canned seafood * FD shrimp
* Dried vegetables * Fructose
  Seasoning & Flavour
* Salmon flavor * Crab flavor * crab seasoning * bonito extract powder * Sardine extract powder * Wasabi powder

* Calcium chloride * Potassium gluconate * Magnesium chloride * alcium chloride hydrate * Calcium lactate pentahydrate
* Ferric Pyrophosphate

Packaging :
CBC invested a joint venture fatory in Thailand producing flexible packaging including retort pouch with Japanese quality control.Our solutions are based on the long term exeprience in the industry working with the best technology providing 100,000 kinds of flexible packages in Japan market more than 50 years. We designs a suitable solution to best meet the needs in the most cost-effective manner.
Products Information: Standard Pouches : Flat Pouch / Standing Pouch / Zipper Pouch / Center Seal / Gusset pouch
  High Barrier Transparent Pouches : 3-side seal / Standing Pouch
  Printed Retoratable Pouches :
  Microwavable Pouch :
  Shrink Film :

Special Films :
We offer a range of films including CPP, Pet, Nylon, AL foil and laminated films for flexible packaging. Also due to increasing the demands of long shelf life, We provide special barrier films with easy-peel, thermal forming films and shrink films for instant noodle packaging.
Products Information: SUMILITE®CEL / Thermalforming Films :
We offers variety range of flexible and barrier thermoforming food packaging films with easy peeling function for ham, sausage and seafood. SUMILITE®CEL SERIES are co-extruded, multilayered and highly functional composite films which Sumitomo Bakelite developed for the first time in the world.

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